Two Norfolk State Basketball Players Scheduled for Dental Implants after the NCAA Tournament

This week the Norfolk State University Spartans will play against the Missouri Tigers in the first week of the NCAA tournaments. Ranked in the 15th seed, Norfolk State will have to work hard to beat the Tigers who hold the 2nd seed in the West Region. However, no matter what the outcome is for the Spartans, one thing is for certain; two of the players will be marching right into the dentist’s chair after the madness is officially over.

Norfolk State seniors Brandon Wheeless and Chris McEachin both share the same missing tooth in common and will undergo dental implants to restore their smiles after the season is finished. Wheeless lost his tooth last year during the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference tournament. For months he was teased by his fellow teammate McEachin about his missing front tooth. As luck would have it, this season McEachin suffered an elbow blow to the face by a Toledo player that resulted in the exact same missing front tooth. Call it Karma, fate, destiny, or just plain rotten luck. One thing is for sure; both players now have to undergo dental implant surgery to restore their missing teeth.

On a different note, with March Madness in full swing this week, many players this week will be seen sporting mouthguards to protect their teeth from any damage during the tournaments. Mouthguards are a great way to keep your smile from getting destroyed while playing any type of sport. In fact, neuromuscular mouthguards can even help improve your performance during any type of athletic activity. Studies have shown that by aligning your bite and your jaw’s position with the help of a neuromuscular mouthguard, it can actually help improve your game, regardless of what it is. Wearing a neuromuscular mouthguard has been shown to give you more strength and speed, a higher level of endurance, more range of motion and agility, a quicker recovery time, and improved balance.

Austin Cosmetic Dentist Dan Matthews and his trained staff can get you set up with a custom neuromuscular mouthguard at his Austin dental office. However, if tooth loss does occur like in the case with Wheeless and McEachin, Dr. Matthew’s can also replace your missing tooth with a dental implant. Call his office today or make an appointment online for a free consultation.

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