Oral-Systemic Link

As most of you realize, Cardiovascular Disease is still the #1 killer today.  The smoldering link between gum disease and heart disease is referred to by the media as the “oral-systemic link.”  The published literature supporting this link is robust.  In fact, gum disease is now considered a “stand alone” independent risk factor for heart disease.  So, we are very excited that the medical community is now joining us in this recognition.

A cardiovascular event, heart attack or stroke, is caused by thrombosis or blood clot.  The evidence is bearing out that it is inflammation in the body that precipitates this event and that periodontal disease or gum disease is the number one offender in this inflammation.  The research is also showing that the same pathogens found in gum disease are also found in the plaque that causes the thrombosis.

We are very excited to announce that there are new diagnostics available from urine, blood, and salvia that give us much more information about cardiovascular risk than the traditional diagnostics that are being used today.  We firmly believe that this is why cardiovascular disease remains the #1 killer in the US and it is on the rise.  We are not doing enough to catch this early, UNTIL NOW!

If you or anyone in your family has gum disease, heart disease or diabetes you do not want to miss this.  You will learn about the new diagnostics and treatment protocols that will catch these diseases in their earliest stages and potentially even reverse the damage.  Please join us on October 6th at the Barton Creek Country Club to hear a little bit about this new series of diagnostics.

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