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Individuals struggling with gum disease have a new treatment option. The Perio Protect Method® can be used to treat the bacteria that causes gum disease. Medication delivery is accomplished using the Perio Tray® that delivers medication underneath the gums. Bacteria grows in pockets under the gums, putting the medication directly in these pockets and keeping it there long enough to be effective can be achieved by using the Perio Tray.

Using the Perio Tray is accomplished with easy steps. Just add the medication to the tray as instructed by Dr. Dan Matthews, your Austin dentist, and wear the Perio Tray at home. Dr. Matthews will schedule a follow up visit to check on your progress. The Perio Tray is simple, effective and comfrotable. When combined with complete dental cleanings from Dr. Matthews Austin Dental office, the Perio Protect Method offers the least invasive approach of gum disease treatments and studies find that the results surpass cleanings alone.

Custom fit Perio Trays are designed on an individual basis. They contain a seal and extension system that put the medication directly underneath the gums at the location of the infected wounds. In just a few minutes each day a patient can add medication to the tray and treat their gum disease. Dr. Dan Matthews will modify the frequency and duration of usage of the Perio Protect Method as healing progresses. Patient usage will decrease until the gum disease is under control. Once the infection is treated the patient can assume a long term maintenance schedule to keep the bacteria at bay.

Perio Tray research papers and case studies are available at

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