Pets Save Lives: But Why Take a Chance With Your Long Term Health?

Yellow Lab and His Tennis BallWe live in technologically evolved times, where the continual advancement of knowledge and scientific understanding is improving all areas of everyday life. The biggest impact of this can seen in fields of medical expertise, as new and innovative treatments are constantly being developed to help preserve life and protect individuals from long term illness. Beyond this, there is also an enhanced level of patient awareness, as people have been afforded access to the vast swaths of data included on the Internet and gained a far greater understanding of how to maintain their own well being.

Some ailments remain largely ostracized from the public’s conscious, however, with sleep apnea among the most prominent examples of these. As a disorder that is characterized by abnormal pulses in breathing or instances of dangerously low breating during patterns of sleep, it has the potential to trigger long term health complaints and even fatalities in rare and extreme circumstances. In general, it can lead to hospitaliztion and cause huge disruption to an afflicted individual’s life, and yet despite this the majority of sufferers can go for extended periods of time without a diagnosis.

Occasionally an unusual story breaks that helps to promote awareness about disorders such as sleep apnea, and it was recently revealed that a sufferer of this illness actually had their life saved by the actions of his pet dog. After falling to sleep, Justin Proctor began to develop severe breathing difficulties before losing consciousness, and his wife was only alerted to his plight once she was woken by the howls of their pet Labrador Daisy. Only diagnosed with sleep apnea in May, he was rushed to hospital where he received the treatment that ultimately restored him to health.

The actions of Daisy undoubtedly saved her owner’s life, but this story also serves as a timely warning to other individuals who live with the often unheralded threat of sleep apnea. While pets often save lives and come to the rescue of their stricken owners, it is far better to that you place trust in medicine and ensure that you receive the best possible treatment for your illness. If you are someone who suffers with the symptoms of sleep apnea but struggle to comprehend the often expensive studies that are required as part of diagnosing it, then contact Dr. Dan Matthews Texas dentistry today and arrange a consultation.

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