Everybody Needs A Brush Up: Plaque Disclosure Tablets

If you’ve ever been to the dentist, you’ve been told how to brush your teeth. “Tiny circles,” they say. “Check the gum line.”

But of course, that’s not much help when you’ve got someone’s hands in your mouth. Even less when you’re numbed and drugged for whichever procedure they’ve brought you in for. Put simply, we’re often told how to brush, but putting that information into practice? That’s a different story entirely.

Without a solid demonstration as to how a person should brush their teeth, your average brusher may build up habitual areas that they miss. This leads to problems later down the line, where these problem areas collect plaque and damage, turn brown, and require immediate dental attention. Fortunately, there’s a way to highlight these problem areas that we so often miss: Plaque disclosing tablets.

Plaque, as it turns out, isn’t just the yellow fuzz we find on our teeth after a particularly sweet meal. It’s a translucent film of bacteria that covers our mouth, hard to see and even harder to take care of if we’re not aware of it. Plaque disclosure tablets are a cheap and effective way to see which parts of our mouth we’ve been neglecting.

Plaque disclosure tablets are easy to use: just brush, floss, and chew one tablet, then swish it around your mouth for thirty seconds and spit. The tab, which holds a simple and harmless vegetable-based dye, will color any collections of plaque that you may have missed, allowing you to easily identify problem areas that you often overlook.

After using a plaque disclosing tablet, your mouth might look like this:

mouth tartar photo
By ThemolarbearOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

And that’s okay! All of that dye is there to let you know where you’ve got to brush next. Once you’ve taken a plaque disclosing tablet, simply brush and floss again, making sure to pay attention to any colorful areas.

Once you’ve used plaque disclosing tablets a few times, you’ll begin to discover which areas of your mouth you habitually neglect. Plaque disclosing tablets are an excellent teaching tool, from kids who don’t want to brush their teeth, to adults who maybe don’t brush their teeth as well as they should. And, let’s be honest– we can all use a little reminder, now and again, to keep our teeth healthy.

Plaque disclosure tabs are available for purchase from your dentist. With a box cheaper than a lunch on the town, it’s worth considering all of the work you’ll be able to do on your own teeth now, without having to make up for it later!

Ask your dentist about plaque disclosure tabs the next time you stop in. Or, if it’s going to be a while until your next visit, send us an email with any questions you might have, and we’ll point you in the right direction!

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