Plasma Brush – A Painless Alternative to Repairing Cavities

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Dentistry has seen extensive advancements in the last few decades. The reason being, oral health is considered as an integral and positive aspect of solid overall health.

A lot of time and focus has gone towards understanding dental health and the best treatment options/procedures to address various dental conditions. And while a large majority of people today understand the importance of maintaining solid oral health, most patients are anxious about dental appointments.

This is one of the factors behind the creation and future use of dental tools such as the plasma brush. There is a lot of positive buzz among dental health professionals about how the plasma brush could revolutionize dental procedures involving the removal of plaque and repairing cavities.

Painless Removal of Plaque and Repairing of Cavities

While dentists take every bit of care to ensure patients undergo the least pain and discomfort during any dental procedure, the entire experience can be stressful to patients especially if they are unprepared or do not know what to expect.

The use of plasma brush could potentially address two critical procedures used for improving dental health painlessly;

• Removal of plaque
• Repairing of cavities

The plasma torch which is designed to operate at a comfortable degree equal to room temperature, breaks the plaque bonds which tether it to the teeth.

The second function of the plasma brush is to help repair cavities by priming the cavity for filling. All of this can be done in the least amount of time and in a way that is completely painless for the patient.

If a patient knows beforehand that the dental procedure is going to be quick and painless, it increases the cooperation level and makes the patient feel at ease which in turn can help the dentist focus on the procedure better.

How Does the Plasma Brush Work?

The plasma brush takes only 30 seconds to clean and prime cavities for fillings. A chemical reaction aids in the cleaning and priming process. The flame which operates at room temperature helps in providing more space for the cavity fillings.

During the process, the surface of the tooth is primed via the chemical reactions in a way which makes the surface more suitable for the filling material.

Cost Benefits to Patients and Dentists

Another advantage of the plasma brush when used for repairing of cavities is the shelf-life of the fillings. Typically, a tooth can be restored 2-3 times before it becomes necessary for it to be extracted. However, when the fillings are carried out using the plasma brush, their lifespan increases.
This is because the plasma brush during the process of priming the tooth for filling, works by creating a more conducive surface for the fillings to attach. Thus ensuring a stronger bond between the tooth and the fillings which translates into cost benefits for both the patient and the dentist.

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