Harvard Researchers Identify Possible Link Between Periodontal Disease and Pancreatic Cancer

HarvardMaintaining good oral health and hygiene is not necessarily something that sits high on the average individuals list of everyday priorities, as financial, romantic and work related dilemmas tend to take precedence on a regular basis. Taking care of your oral health is increasingly important, however, as this practice has benefits that are far more meaningful than contributing towards a wide and gleaming white smile. In fact, researchers are beginning to identify clear links between oral diseases and potentially life threatening illnesses, and forcing people to change their perceptions of dental health.

In studies conducted by researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, it was revealed that periodontal disease in particular has associations with far more serious health concerns. More specifically, it was found to dramatically increase the risk of patients developing cancer of the pancreas, and this is in addition to fears that it may also contribute towards the onset of heart and cardiovascular diseases. This revelation certainly offers medical professionals an insight into the links between oral and general ailments, while also serving as a wake up call to patients who neglect their oral health.

Periodontal disease is caused by a bacterial infection of the gums, and it may also develop should this area of the mouth become inflamed over a significant period of time. This can initially cause significant damage to areas of bone and tissue from around the teeth, which leads the unfortunate and inevitable consequence of tooth loss. As if this scenario by itself is not enough to reinforce the importance of maintaining good dental health routines, the threat of being at a higher risk of developing cancer is certainly something that will serve to focus patients minds.

One of the main points to take from this recently conducted research is the importance of engaging in regular dental check ups, as this can help to identify the symptoms of periodontal disease before it develops fully. Prevention is always better than cure, and adopting a proactive approach to protecting your dental health can save you a huge amount of time, discomfort and also hard earned money. This is even more relevant in the face of an increased risk of cancer, so there is little time to waste if you have neglected to visit your dentist in recent times. For residents who live in Austin, Texas, why not take the time from your busy schedule to make an appointment and visit Dr. Dan Matthews DDS today?

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