Pro Athletes – Wannabe Dentists

Photo by you think about pro athletes you probably envision people at the peak of physical perfection with little to no health problems. Well at least on the dental front that would be an incorrect assumption. Even the pros have to go to the dentist, most especially the full-contact crowd.

Football, soccer and hockey players are almost constantly at risk of losing or chipping teeth. While safety equipment like mouth guards, when worn, help a bit not even a mouth guard is going to help all that much when a 350 lb. Linebacker or a speeding puck come hurdling at your face.

Bad Examples of Self Dentistry

However, there are some really bad examples being set by at least some of these athletes. It’s bad enough that some of these guys consider it “unmanly” to wear proper safety equipment like mouth guards, but now a few of the pro athletes are chipping teeth and then on live TV, right after the injury occurs, pulling their own teeth out.

Reggie Evans did it last year after receiving a brutal flying head butt. The Brooklyn Nets Power Forward then ripped out his chipped tooth right on TV. And Reggie Evans isn’t the only amateur dentist in pro sports. Pro Hockey player Daniel Cleary did the same recently during a hockey game.

The real problem here is people, especially young people, tend to emulate athletes and when they see players doing something this extreme they may be prone to doing the same thing.

Responsible Role Models

However, there are some athletes out there who do set a good example. The Pacers’ Ian Mahinmi injured a tooth during a game and instead of ripping his tooth out in a display of his manliness, he went to the bench, cleaned up his mouth, finished the game and then went to the dentist. What’s more is he plans on wearing a mouth guard from now on.

The thing to remember here is that you should never, never just rip out a tooth without seeing a dentist, and even then, you let him do it. Would you just cut off your finger if you broke your hand? Let the experts do what they do.

Dr. Matthews went through years of schooling to become a doctor. Pro athletes throw balls through hoops or tackle other guys, so don’t emulate them when it comes to medical science. Call Dr. Matthews instead, go in and safely have your procedure done. Trust us when we tell you there is nothing unmanly about going to the dentist.

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