Reggie Evans Pulls Tooth like a Boss

reggie-evans-toothIt’s the third quarter. The Charlotte Bobcats come out of halftime on top against the Brooklyn Nets, 54-50. Reggie Evans, the Power Forward for the Nets receives an inadvertent head butt from Michael Kidd-Gilchrest that knocks his tooth loose in right in front of the scorer’s table. So Evans takes a seat and tends to his wound, right? No, not even close. Evans doesn’t even miss a play.

He pulls his loosened tooth out and places it on the scorer’s table – like a boss. He even kept playing to the next possession when the blood forced officials called a timeout. But after sucking on a towel for a minute, Evans hops back in the game like nothing happened. The Nets go on to win the game 106-95.

As simple as this solution sounds, pulling your own tooth may not be something you’d want to play around with. Millions of dollars and more publicity is a good reason for Evans to forego a professional and play self-dentist but you know he’s going straight in for a replacement dental implant after the game. Your grill is important to take care of no matter who you are.

A dental implant is by far the best solution for a replacement tooth. It’s the closest you’ll ever get to having your real tooth again and it’s not an option limited to millionaire NBA players.

Accidents happen and teeth are knocked loose all the time. Pulling your own tooth can leave fragments that can get infected. And, remember that old wife’s tale about putting your lost tooth in milk? Forget it. The very best thing you can do is take your tooth and your butt in to the dentist’s office, ASAP. If it can be saved or if you need a dental implant, Dr. Matthews in Austin should be the one to make that call.

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