The Rise of the Snore Room

There is nothing quite as annoying as listening to someone loudly saw logs while you are also trying to sleep. Although, it is hilarious to watch said person jolt themselves awake in response to a loud rip of their own snorting snore. Unfortunately, that moment of hilarity cannot make up for the copious hours, and even nights, of missed sleep. Alternately, if you are the snorer, you may not be getting a very good night’s sleep either. If your snoring is severe, you may experience many sleep disturbances, like that which was previously described. Additionally, your snoring could be caused by a serious disorder, called sleep apnea. No matter the cause of the snoring, or who you are in relation to the snorer (snorer or partner), snoring isn’t fun for anyone. And as the snoring epidemic becomes more prominent, with the rise of obesity, sleep apnea and the number of elderly, the world has begun seeking out interesting new ways to deal with the thunderous occurrence.

bedroom photoSnore Rooms

While these rooms are not an entirely new concept, they have become more common over the past year or two. Some people simply convert their grown child’s bedroom into a snore room, while others purchase houses which already contain one. Typically, an intentionally built “snore room”, boasts the same features as the master suite, making the sleeping situation comfortable for both partners, but also more costly. Many of the rooms are designed to absorb sound, in addition to simply separating the couple. According to a Washington Post article about snore rooms, UK Savills associate director, Peter Brookes said, “As wealth increases, demand for comfort increases, and it’s now pretty commonplace, with most developers incorporating a second master into their plans.” However, these rooms are not restricted to use in the UK. In 2011, NBC News wrote an article detailing the way in which US builders had begun incorporating snore rooms into senior living communities. In 2013, the Washington News Journal released a segment crediting snore rooms with the survival of marriages. And this year, Real estate agents like, Regency Real Estate Brokers, began advertising the “snore room” as a luxury add-on. Regency even quoted a 2005 study of married Americans which revealed that 23% of them did not sleep in the same room. A snore room would allow both partners to rest comfortably, instead of one being banished to the couch or guest bedroom.

How to Stop Snoring

If you want a snore room so that one of you can stay up late watching The Late Show, more power to you, but don’t let snoring be the issue which wedges your sleeping arrangements apart! If snoring is keeping you or your partner from getting a good night’s sleep, it’s time to get to the root of the problem. If a sleep physician determines you have sleep apnea, you need to move forward with treatment to avoid the potentially deadly results of the disorder, a condition which¬†Dr. Dan Matthews of Austin, Texas is an expert at treating. Alternately, if your nightly bull horn is a simple condition requiring no treatment, Dr. Matthews can fit you with an anti-snoring mouthpiece, to get you and your partner back to a restful night’s sleep. Be the master of your sleep, not your snoring!

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