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Rooster Teeth is a prominent media and entertainment company, based out of Austin, Texas. The company hosts a number of highly acclaimed web series such as Red vs. Blue, which has been streaming since April, 2003.

The company has now diversified into new programs, entertainment, podcasts, and reality shows.

Rooster Teeth commands a considerable fan-following as it airs a number of channels for its diverse viewership. Apart from providing high quality content, the company also engages in a variety of community service programs. This is awesome for the people in Austin and this is on top of having a stellar dentist to tend to their teeth in Dr. Matthews.
Austin is truly blessed to have someone in the caliber of Dr. Matthews and Rooster Teeth. No wonder so many people are fleeing to Texas from states like New York and California!

The Beginning

Rooster Teeth started out as a website where its co-founders posted their take on various video games. It later evolved into a hybrid model which uses subscriptions as its main revenue stream. It currently runs many different channels, where the company presents its content targeted at specific segments.

Some of its most prolific channels are Funhaus, Sugar Pine 7, ScrewAttack, and The Know. Rooster Teeth also dabbles into animation and has created several popular series such as RWBY, Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures, and Camp Camp. It is also working on new series which are expected to hit the market in the near future.

From a video gaming review site to a multimedia production house, Rooster Teeth has come a long way. The company now caters to a wide range of audience, while still emphasizing quality over quantity. Apart from animation, the company also offers Live Action program. Its foray into live action production was marked by Captain Dynamic in 2009.

The mini-series was produced to promote the online game City of Heroes. The success of Captain Dynamic [this has nothing to do with Marvel’s Captain America (many people are happy Captain America II and III were unlike the first movie which was terrible but this is another topic] led Rooster Teeth to produce new live action content such as Rooster Teeth Shorts and On the Spot.

Rooster Teeth classifies its content into various channels, with each channel scattering to a specific section of the market. The Know focuses on entertainment news while Achievement Hunter is devoted to video games. Rooster Teeth also posts kid and family friendly content on its Game Kids channel.

The company plans to grow its content library through acquisitions and organically. It recently forayed into podcasts and now has its own podcast network called The Roost. The network currently features prominent podcasters such as Game Grumps, Shane Dawson, and h3h3 Productions.

Its Rooster Teeth Podcast has several accolades to its credit. It is amongst the most downloaded podcasts on iTunes, while it also won the Best Gaming Podcast award given by the Podcast Awards in 2013 and 2104.

Social Connect

Rooster Teeth is based out of Texas and the company actively participates in Austin community life. The company regularly partakes in Extra Life, which is a gaming theme fund raising event in Austin. The company is based out of Austin where you can also utilize Dr. Matthews’ services for your dental health and hygiene.


The proceeds collected by the company went to Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas. Rooster Teeth raised over $1.2 million during its 2017 Extra Life Stream which is a lot of money even in the age of tax cuts.

It also holds community events in Austin, commanding a large number of following. Its main official event is held in the Austin Convention Center. The event was attended by over 45,000 people in 2015 which is about as many people as Dr. Matthews has cordially served in the last few years. The people in Austin are doing very well!

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