Say “Laaa” – Musical Dental Drill

Dental drillThe dentists’ drill might be the single most feared device in the universe. In some far away planet somewhere, some alien-being is currently cringing in terror at the sound of the dentist’s dastardly drill. Here, on Earth however, a savior has risen to take the terror away from the drill of doom.

Dr. Dhanni Gustiana, a dentist from Java, Indonesia, has modified a dental drill to play MP3’s, replacing the sinister buzzing sounds with the patient’s favorite tunes.

The idea here is simple genius; the sound of your favorite songs can make the whole experience a little more bearable. The device was created with mostly kids in mind, as the device is also fitted with flashing disco lights and rubber toys. That being said, however, the doctor takes requests. The device can download just about anything so essentially even adults can utilize the device. You want to finish the Lord of the Rings read on tape by some stuffy British actor while getting a root canal? No problem.

The device cost the good doctor around 6 million Rupah to design, which translates to around $595 USD.

The device also has another interesting feature; the volume of the music goes up as the patient opens their mouths wider, so the music doesn’t drown out anything the dentist has to say before drilling. Now, as long as no one inserts Barry Manilow’s Greatest Hits into the player when no one’s looking, the whole painful experience can be that much easier.

So far the doctor hasn’t said anything about marketing his drill world-wide, but you can bet his Indonesian office is fairly popular. This sort of thing isn’t uncommon here in the states. Many dentists’ offices offer TV screens, music and other such distractions to be had while the dentist does his work. However, in a developing-world environment like Java, this musical drill device is an incredibly innovative idea. It also shows the dentist’s softer, more thoughtful side. After all, this isn’t something the doctor had to do and you could bet his patients would tell you – it’s the thought that counts.

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