Sipping wine may have oral health benefits

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Yes, a lot has been documented about how drinking wine in moderation can be good for the heart. But can wine be positive for oral health? Apparently yes.

According to researchers, wine and grape polyphenols can help protect teeth and gums from the harmful effects of disease-causing bacteria. Polyphenols which are also known as phenolics, essentially are a group of compounds present in wine.

Because of their antioxidant properties, these compounds offer protection to the body against the ill-effects of free radicals. Polyphenols are produced by plants and fruits and are proved to be highly effective in arresting infection caused by bacteria as well as other pathogens.

How do Polyphenols Protect Gum and Teeth

The question that M Victoria Moreno-Arribas and her team of researchers wanted answers to was: can wine and grape polyphenols help protect teeth and gums against cavities and gum disease?

Using cells that modeled gum tissue, the research team studied the effects of two red wine polyphenols, on bacteria which cause oral health conditions such as cavities, and plaque, and gum disease.

What they discovered in their research was that the two wine polyphenols specifically – caffeic and p-coumaric acids – were more effective in limiting the bacteria’s damage on a molecular level.

However, if streptococcus dentisani, which is otherwise considered to be an oral probiotic, is combined with the wine polyphenols, then the combative properties of these compounds against pathogenic bacteria were effectively enhanced.

Furthermore, the research also found that the reason behind these effects could be attributed to the formation of metabolites which happen when the digestion process of the polyphenols begins in the mouth.

Consult with Your Dentist Before making any Serious Dietary Changes

The oral cavity is one of the most vulnerable areas of the human body. The food and liquids we consume on a constant basis, as well as other substances including alcohol, tobacco, or sweets, and even dental material present in the mouth makes the oral cavity a ripe hunting ground for bacteria and other disease-causing pathogens.

While it is crucial to ensure that a healthy diet is maintained, with plenty of fruits and vegetables that are full of polyphenols, it is necessary that you schedule routine dental checkups.

Consuming wine is good for a number of reasons. However, the key is moderation.


These research findings published by M Victoria Moreno-Arribas and her team indicate golden news for oral health. However, routine dental exams are still the best way to maintain outstanding teeth and gums. Whose quality of life does not matter?

If you have any dental issues, you need to consult with your dentist. You certainly should not have too much wine and certainly not before you are about to drive a car.

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