Sleep Apnea – Shortening Your Breath And Increasing Your Risk Of Stroke

Depending on how snoring personally affects you, you may find that the condition is either highly irritating or it has made you the center of many jokes. But, when snoring affects the quality and quantity of your sleep, it is no joking matter. Even though snoring can be funny in some instances, the fact is that in some people, snoring may be a symptom a larger, more dangerous condition. Snoring and sleep apnea go hand in hand but many neglect the fact that these two conditions can be and are often times linked. While not everyone who snores suffers from sleep apnea, the sleep disorder is much more prevalent than what many believe.

Sleep apnea occurs when the airway is becomes obstructed throughout the night. Obstruction can be caused by a variety of problems such as a collapsed soft palate, overly relaxed muscles, or a miscommunication within the brain. The airway can be cut off anywhere from 60 to 100 times each hour and each cessation and breathing causes a decrease of oxygen in the blood and throughout the entire body.

Also during these cessations in breathing, the lack of oxygen causes signals throughout the brain to alarm the heart to work harder as the level of stress hormones increases. This means that each night, a sleep apneic is overworking his heart, which is known to contribute to plenty of health risks. Sleep apnea has been tied to heart attacks, hypertension, and even stroke.

It’s In The Numbers

A study conducted on 9,000 sleep apneics for 9 years found that the men in the study alone were at a three-fold increased risk of suffering from stroke. The increased risk seemed to grow larger in patients with more severe sleep apnea. So how can you avoid failing cardiovascular health? The answer is sleep apnea treatment from Austin dentist Dr. Dan Matthews.

If you have been diagnosed with sleep apnea or are looking to undergo a physician-provided sleep study and are positively diagnosed, treatment is the next step in improving your sleep and your life. With the right sleep apnea treatment you’ll no longer stop breathing at night. Instead sleep will be just as it’s meant to be: safe and unsoundly. Call Dr. Matthews’ Austin dental office today to learn about the treatment options we offer for sleep apneics.

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