Smart Shirt for Sleep Apnea

nyx-devices-night-shirt-to-monitor-sleep_SbLf8_54An amazing, new innovation in sleep monitoring has been developed by a Boston-based start-up company called Nyx. The truly surprising thing about the device is that it’s a shirt.

Most sleep monitoring devices require the user to wear clunky apparatus like cables and sensors, more like you would see in a sleep lab or a hospital. Instead of all that, this device is a shirt that can be comfortably worn to bed. It’s based on research performed at MIT and in collaboration with Massachusetts General Hospital, and is constructed from a light-weight and breathable material to ensure the most comfort.

Embedded in the fabric are thin and flexible respiration sensors that measure the patient’s breathing as they sleep. In addition, there is the Sleeplogger, a small key-sized device that fits in a small pocket and powers the sensors. The Sleeplogger also records data immediately after putting the shirt on and monitors the patient for up to five nights. When you recharge the Sleeplogger via USB to your computer the data is sent automatically and securely to the Nyx website where it is analyzed.

The device should definitely appeal to sleep apnea sufferers who can monitor their sleep patterns to better determine an effective treatment regime. Nyx markets this device for a surprisingly low cost, under $100. So, it may also be cheaper than a sleep lab.

That being said however, Austin Dentist Dr. Matthews and most doctors who treat sleep apnea say that a lab-conducted professional study is still best for Apnea sufferers, at least initially, because even though the device may help you monitor your apnea symptoms, it’s no substitute for a qualified medical diagnosis and professional study of the sufferer’s sleep patterns. Remember, Dr. Matthews has extensive training in sleep apnea treatment as apnea patients tend to visit the dentist more often than a primary physician and can help you get the optimum treatment.

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