How A Smile Makeover Can Take Years Off Your Face

beautiful smile photoAs people age, they often become uncomfortable with the way they look. Fine lines start to develop, your face starts to lose its elasticity and your face begins to sag. As this point, some people go to very drastic measures to maintain or regain a younger appearance. Some turn to Botox which disables contractions of certain muscles, giving it a firmer appearance. Some turn to collagen injections to regain their face’s shape. Others even go under the knife to nip and tuck unwanted extra skin.

Oh, the pains we will go through to stay forever young. If none of the aforementioned beauty methods seem appealing, you’ll be happy to know that there is a less invasive way to take a few years off of your face. A smile makeover, an individually-tailored set of dental procedures, can be just the answer you seek.

How A Smile Makeover Can Make You Look Younger

Gravity isn’t the only force working against your face. As you age, your teeth tend to pull in toward your tongue, taking away support from your lips and cheeks and giving them a sunk-in  appearance, allowing for excessive wrinkling and an exaggerated sagging appearance of the cheeks and skin around the mouth. One way to  remedy this is to consider adult braces.

“But how can a mouth full of highly-noticeable metal be better than a sunken face?” you may ask. That isn’t what braces has to be! You could consider invisalign, which is incredibly discreet. You could also consider lingual braces- braces that are fixed behind your teeth, so one can see them. No matter the route, properly aligned teeth can help reinstate the structural integrity of your face, diminishing fine lines around the mouth and nose area.

If you have considerably straight teeth, but still need a little lift, you could consider adding some bulk. A common procedure to do so is the process of adding veneers over your natural them, giving them extra height and width. This works especially well on the back molars to add lift to the cheeks. Veneers added to the side teeth can widen a smile and subtly lift the lips, giving them a younger and more vital appearance.

Another way to have a younger appearance is through front tooth lengthening. When people are younger, say in their 20’s, they show a greater amount of teeth in their smile than someone who is in their fifties or sixties. This is caused from the top lip drooping and also from natural erosion due to a lifetime of use. Lengthening the teeth will give you more youthful smile and fill out your lips, making you appear younger overall.

If you’re considering a smile makeover, go to someone Austin, Texas trusts- Dr. Dan Matthews. Dr. Matthews has extensive knowledge in cosmetic and neuromuscular dentistry. He loves to help people love their smiles. Schedule a consultation today! 

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