Is Smoking Meth Worse Than Diet Soda?

Coke Anyone?If you were reading random articles on the internet recently, you may have run into the shocking article and statement that diet soda is as harmful to your teeth as meth.

If you were sitting in front of your computer, diet coke in hand, and you read this, your horror could have likely been amplified by the damage to your computer screen when you spit out all that diet coke onto your monitor in shock and outrage. And what did your neighbors think when they saw you hurdling cases of diet coke into your trash can with crazed fury?

Take It Down a Notch, Sparky

It should come as an immense relief to you that the results of this study and the apocalyptic revelation that it contained, is what experts in the scientific community call, “a load of garbage.” Ask any dentist and he will whole-heartedly agree.

Now, let’s be plain here, no soda whatsoever is good for your teeth. In fact, especially when consumed in high quantities, it can be pretty rough on the enamel of your teeth, thereby causing cavities. But to compare it with the catastrophic damage that something like smoking meth can do to your teeth, in even a short period of time, is just flat out incorrect.

Sound Advice (coming from the guy who advised you rent a very fast car with no top…)

This study was conducted using three test subjects. One was a 51-year-old crack cocaine addict. Another was a 29-year-old meth addict. And the other was a woman in her 30’s who drank between two and three two-liters of diet coke a day. We think it’s also important to mention that the 51-year-old crack addict hadn’t seen a dentist at all in over 20 years.

So with just these facts alone you can see how “soundly” this data was compiled and analyzed. Look, if you’re drinking that much soda (two to three two-liters a day) it’s going to do rapid damage to your teeth, period, not to mention every other part of your body.

The woman drinking that much diet soda was an extreme example, so comparing her dental condition to that of two other long-term drug addicts is, let’s just call it un-scientific.

Again, we can’t stress enough that drinking soda with a poor dental hygiene regimen, along with infrequent dental visits is incredibly bad for you. However, we can safely guarantee you that it is most certainly not tantamount to vigorous long-term meth consumption.

The next time you come into see Dr. Matthews ask him about this or any other questions you may have. That’s what he’s here for.

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