A Better Solution for Replacement Teeth

DentureWhen people hear about dental implants all sorts of ideas can pop into their heads. It’s always best to know the facts before deciding on any procedure that will affect you for life. Denture implants are one way that dental implants can make your life in Austin better.

The denture stabilization system is sometimes referred to as “mini dental implants” and consists of four miniature titanium posts that are inserted into the jaw bone. This acts like the root system that your original teeth have. Just like the implant system used in replacing a single tooth or a few teeth, this procedure is designed for both the upper and bottom plate.

Traditionally, the top denture was designed to fit to the gum using suction. That’s fine until you actually have to use the denture to eat anything solid. The bottom plate just sits in the bottom portion of the mouth pretty much on the merit of its own weight. When you consider that it’s a small piece of plastic, the weight referred to here isn’t very significant. A lower denture is much more difficult to wear than a upper so implants for the lower jaw are very important…almost a must!

The Many Benefits of Denture Implants

With the implants, both plates are secured to the top and bottom jaw bones for a completely secure fit. You can still remove the denture for cleaning because it’s specially fitted to the top of the implants. The benefits really are the big thing to remember here. You can speak and eat with complete confidence. No worries about the denture slipping out. Plus, your overall nutritional health will benefit as well due to the fact that you could eat foods you normally couldn’t.

And here’s a big one: no more spending money on denture adhesives. The amount of money you’re going to save there over the course of your entire life makes up for the additional costs of the procedure itself. Imagine the cosmetic benefits as well. The confidence in having a full, brilliant smile is a tremendous benefit to your life. You’ll find yourself smiling and laughing a lot more often when you don’t have to worry about how your smile looks.

Always remember to consult Dr. Matthews in Austin before you make any final decisions on anything of this magnitude. He’s here to help you make the right choice. He offers several denture and implant options like The Denture Fountain of Youth™ as well as a full range of cosmetic dentistry procedures that will have a positive impact on both your appearance and lifestyle. Make and appointment and visit us for a free consultation. You’ll be glad you did.

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