How Space Protects Us From Cavities

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Every thing and person are the culmination of infinite tiny, vibrating atoms coming together and creating whole, independent objects. But how independent are these things and people really? There are many religious and philosophical beliefs that support the idea of all things being connected. If you think about it, it is quite amazing the way in which we are all intermingled with each other, the earth and perhaps even space. All things not anchored to the earth depend on the earth’s gravitational force to stay firmly rooted to the ground. Psychologically, people need a stable environment and human contact in order to stay mentally fit. The circumstances of earth and human nature uniquely meet those requirements. It’s interesting how one person’s simple laughter or yawn can trigger a chain reaction in nearby people. It’s bizarre how strongly bonded people can sometimes have a “sixth sense” for each other, sensing the other person’s danger, happiness or upsets, sometimes without being in the presence of that person. Another truly fascinating, co-dependency factor lies in the existence of itty bitty neutrinos, found in outer space, that actually help protect our teeth from cavities. Who knew?

Neutrinos and Teeth

Neutrinos are one of the most mysterious particles that make up the universe. Their existence is exponentially phenomenal in the fact that the particles contain very little mass, allowing them to travel far distances with little issue, as they are unaffected when passing through matter. In fact, they’re probably passing through your body right now, and you don’t even know it! According to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the particles are generally made up at the center of the sun, or suns. The particles help make up the compound hydrogen fluoride, a noxious gas found in stars, or suns, depending on where you are in the universe! According to the article from the AAAS, “when a massive star explodes, it unleashes 1058 neutrinos that are so energetic a few knock a proton or neutron off some of the star’s many neon nuclei, producing fluorine.” Science is fun, huh?

So What Does That Have to Do With Tooth Decay?

Scientists estimate that about two-thirds of all Earth’s fluorine is produced by these overly-hyper, subatomic neutrinos. “What’s fluorine?” you may ask. Sounds a lot like, fluoride, right? Bingo! Our beloved and acclaimed fluoride is derived from the element fluorine. Fluoride is added to our toothpaste and water to help us maintain strong, cavity-free, pearly whites. It all boils down to us all owing our sparkling teeth to the tiny neutrinos that are floating around the universe. Candy would be a whole lot less enjoyable if we all suffered from extensive tooth decay and cavities, due to a lack of fluorine. Thank you neutrinos!

Just remember, the next time you’re whirling into an existential crisis, the universe is on your side. It wants you to succeed, it even wants your teeth to succeed. However, since the universe doesn’t have hands and almost a decade of dental schooling, stop by Dan Matthews DDS for all your dental needs!

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