Summer Time Tips for Teeth

Summer girls photoMost people know that grinding their teeth can cause damage and wearing a mouth guard can eliminate the risk.
It is common knowledge that sugar is one of the teeth’s biggest enemy and that people should take every precaution to eliminate its affect. The public knows that chewing on ice can damage otherwise healthy teeth and break the bad habit.

There are a number of other activities and actions that people do everyday without a clue they can cause tooth damage. The key is not to quit doing most of them, but to do them in moderation or follow up them up with something that counteracts the affects. Tooth enamel is the outer shell of the tooth that protects the dentin. Dentin is the inner part of the tooth made of a bulky tissue yellow in color.

Many substances can stain teeth making them cosmetically unattractive. Some of them can also cause damage. Sudden extreme temperature change can cause the enamel on the teeth to crack. The cracks are usually invisible to the naked eye because they are normally small. Simply avoid going from one extreme to the other.

Chlorine and Asthma Inhalers

The chlorine in swimming pool water has the potential to cause damage. It can erode the enamel causing the protective shell to soften. Once the enamel is soft, it at risk for bacteria. Rinsing with water after swimming can help dilute and wash away chlorine. Asthma inhalers can erode enamel as well. Rinse the mouth after using an inhaler.

Sugar is bad for the teeth. Many people do not realize sports drinks, fruit juice, lemonade, sugared tea and other beverages contain a lot of sugar. Decrease their strength by diluting them with water. Avoid drinking sugary drinks all day by substituting water at regular intervals

The trend today is body piercing. A pierced tongue has the potential to cause problems. There is a risk of chipping a tooth while getting the procedure done. Bacteria are always a risk. If the piercing rubs repeatedly on one area, it can cause gum loss or mouth sores.

Back yard sports seem harmless enough, yet many people have had teeth chipped or knocked out participating. No one has to give up a good healthy family activity. A mouth guard will eliminate the risk.

Stay Hydrated to Protect Teeth

The University Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany conducted a study on exercise. The study indicated as the saliva decreases, alkaline increases. Alkaline tends to increase plaque bacteria that can lead to decayed or missing teeth. Staying hydrated and drinking lots of water decrease the risk. Antihistamines taken for seasonal allergies can also decrease saliva.

Scuba diving can cause a condition referred to as tooth squeeze. As the diver descends deeper, air becomes trapped in a cavity or filling. Upon surfacing, the trapped air can causes pain. Avoid diving until the pain subsides. Use over the counter pain medication for comfort. If the pain persists, see a dentist. Flying can produce the same problem.

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