Super Bowl Dentistry and Mouthguards

This past Sunday, millions of Americans turned on their television sets to watch Super Bowl XLVI, and many of us looked with envy upon all of the lucky fans who filled the seats at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Among those fortunate enough to be there in person was Dr. Gerald Maher, the official dentist for the New England Patriots.

Considering that this year’s Super Bowl was only one of four that has even been played in a cold-weather city, Maher stated in an article in the Patriot Ledger that he was not crazy about the location.  He much rather preferred attending Super Bowl’s held in warmer climates.  However, as the Patriot’s on-call dentist, he did not have a choice to sit this game out.

Maher, who practices dentistry in Marshfield, MA, flew out to Indianapolis to be onsite in case of any dental concerns or dental emergencies within the team.  Should he need an actual dental office to perform his work on one of the Patriot’s players, the team dentist of the Indianapolis Colt’s would have allowed him to use his office.  The NFL has a deal that a visiting team’s dentist can use the opposing team dentist’s local office during away games if needed.

Dr. Maher is not only famous for being the official dentist of the Patriots, but he is also known for the invention of a patented custom-fit mouthguard he developed several decades ago called the Maher Mouth Guard.  Every player on the New England Patriots wears one, and other individual NFL players have also been known to wear one.

Mouthguards in general help protect players on the playing field; however, custom-fit mouth guards are not exclusive to Dr. Maher.  If you are an athlete of any sort and live in the Austin area, Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Dan Matthew’s can fit you with a neuromuscular mouth guard in Austin to help protect your teeth, correct a misaligned bite, and even enhance your overall athletic performance.

Because an imbalanced bite can affect your athletic performance, Dr. Matthew’s mouthguard can help realign your bite and help you obtain more strength and speed, a higher level of endurance, more range of motion and agility, a faster recovery time, and improved balance.  Call his Austin dental office today or make an appointment online to find out more about the neuromuscular mouthguard.

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