Taking Care of Your Mouthguard

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Any dental fixture needs proper care if you want it to last and shine (figuratively speaking, or literally depending on the person’s proclivities!).

This holds true for even a mouth guard. Because the oral cavity is an easy target for bacteria and other pathogens, it is absolutely imperative that you clean and take care of your mouth guard in the right way to avoid any potential health risks.

4 Important rules to follow.

• Rinse your mouth guard every time you take it off.
• Make sure the mouth guard is completely dry before storing it.
• Always store (keep the case in your bedroom or on a nightstand instead of the bathroom) your mouth guard in a case.
• Make sure the case where you store your mouth guard is clean.

Here are a few highly effective methods used for cleaning the mouth guard.

Cleaning with a Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The recommended way for cleaning your mouth guard is with a toothbrush and toothpaste. This method is similar to how you would clean your teeth.

Important: Ensure that the toothpaste (some can be abrasive) and toothbrush used does not scar the surface of the mouth guard piece.

Cleaning Your Mouth guard with Mouth Wash/Rinse

A number of dentists recommend using a good mouth rinse along with other cleaning methods to clean the mouth guard since mouth rinses are effective in killing germs present in an oral cavity. You can soak the mouth guard in the mouth rinse for 10 to 30 minutes, for instance.

Important: Choose a mouth rinse that does not cause staining. Do not soak the mouth guard in the rinse overnight.

Denture Cleaning Tablets

Use an over-the-counter denture cleaner. Place the night guard in a glass or bowl of water and let the denture tablet dissolve in the water. Denture cleaning tablets are poignant for once a week deep cleaning.

Natural Cleaning Products

Vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can be effectively used for deep cleaning of the mouth guard. You can use distilled white vinegar for soaking the mouth guard for about 30 minutes and then rinsing it in a bowl of water. Next, place the mouth guard in the hydrogen peroxide mix for at least 30 minutes. Rinse once again and let it dry completely.

Important: Consult with your dentist before using this method.

Professional Dental Cleaning

The dentist’s office has the necessary equipment needed for the professional cleaning of your night guard. The cleaning mix and process is similar to what is used for cleaning dental tools so your mouth guard will be squeaky clean by the time you are done with your consultation!

Important: Always carry your mouth guard along with you when going in for a dental consultation. Your dentist can check the condition of the mouth guard for any damages and to see if it continues to fit well.

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