Taking Soft Drinks Off Kids’ Menu

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Children are like little balls of wax. The adults of America greatly mold who our youth will be in the future. Children are shaped by their parents, their teachers, their friends and also maybe now by restaurant chains. We live in an age of sugary decadence, and it’s in our faces everywhere we turn. Imagine what that is like for our children, who love sugar buzzes and all the flavors of skittles. Just like with most things, indulging a child’s sweet tooth is okay as long as it is done so in moderation. And luckily for us, Applebees and IHOP have set out to help us with this task.

IHOP and Applebees Take Soft Drinks Off of The Children’s Menu

Over the past few years we’ve watched as soft drinks slowly began disappearing from children’s menus. Fast food giants like Burger King and Wendy’s stopped advertising soft drinks as a kids beverage choice for their kids menu. This year, two sit-down restaurants have also decided to turn away from capitalizing on children’s sweet teeth. They will also no longer advertise soft drinks as a child’s drink option, hopefully coaxing them toward a healthier drink choice.

IHOP, known for their delicious stacks of decadent pancakes, decided in August to remove soft drinks from their children’s menu. While their chocolate chip pancakes with whip cream are still chalk full of sugar, taking the soda option out of their younger customer’s faces at least allows for easier sugar consumption moderation in today’s youth. Aside from being a prime culprit behind childhood obesity, large amounts of sugar can have quite a negative impact on other aspects of a child’s life. While most people are aware that sugar is a tooth’s worst enemy, they may not be aware of the rising correlation between oral disease and cancer, heart disease stroke and diabetes. In addition to sugar, soft drinks have a high concentration of acid which has been to known to dissolve through enamel with prolonged exposure, leaving teeth vulnerable to carries and infection.

While most kids who are overly exposed to sugar do not necessarily have a high risk for the aforementioned diseases at their young age, indulging their appetite for sugar sets them up for those problems in the future. Many eating habits are retained into adulthood. So, after 30 years of eating a diet densely packed with raw sugar, their risk factors are bound to go up.

By taking soft drinks off of their children’s menu, IHOP and Applebees have decided to stand with many of us against tooth decay and the other potential maladies associated with it. Lets save the children’s teeth today and give them a brighter tomorrow! Limit their sugar intake, educate them on healthier food choices, teeth them good oral hygiene and visit Dr. Dan Matthews for regularly scheduled appointments!

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