TED Talks on Dentistry

TED@Tunis_D81_5706TED Talks are short presentations from the world’s best and brightest. It started off as short interchanges or seminars given by the elite in fields like technology, entertainment and design, but now focuses on almost everything. It may surprise you to know that if you were to sit down and watch just one TED Talk a day it would, as it stands, take you almost four years to complete them.

The medical field gives its own presentations and that includes talks from the dental elite, as well. Here are a few of the best from the dental category.

Ron Gutman: The Hidden Power of Smiling

Ron Gutman has founded Wellsphere and Health Tap. He has compiled here a large amount of data from multiple studies on smiling. Without giving too much away, there are some things in here that will fascinate and amaze you. This one is a must and we defy you not to smile while watching it.


Roger Ebert: Remaking my Voice

Roger Ebert, the famous and esteemed movie critic delivers a stunning and moving seminar about losing his lower jaw to cancer. The cancer robbed him of his ability to both eat and speak. This is especially poignant when you consider that he passed away April 14, 2013.


Christina Warinner: Tracking Ancient Diseases Using Plaque

This one is for anyone who ever wonders how scientists learn the things they do about the ancient past. Warinner explains how they extrapolated an immense amount of data from studying plaque on ancient skulls. It’s especially fascinating to hear her speak on how and why it’s relevant to today’s medical science.


Lisa Harouni: A Primer on 3D Printing

Lisa Harouni is the CEO of digital forming. She explains in an easy to understand and frankly fascinating way, the latest in 3D printing tech. This subject has staggering implications on orthodontists considering they can use the technology to create teeth made to the exact specifications of your mouth.


Thomas Goetz: Redesigning Medical Data

Goetz, who is the executive editor at Wired.com gives a short talk on the miscommunication between doctor and patient and the vital importance of the patient to become more actively involved in their own health maintenance and treatments. He recommends a new system to help the average person better understand medical data and records. He credits dentistry in its efforts to educate and instill good brushing and maintenance habits for patients.


TED Talks is a fascinating group of seminars and will move, educate and enlighten us for years to come. Dr. Matthews in Austin can also educate you in person as well as answer any questions you may have about your own dental health. Call and make an appointment today.

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