Regular Teeth Cleaning – A Defense Against Cardiovascular Disease

Open Wide by ktpuppDid you know that there is a link between your oral health and your cardiovascular health?  What would you be willing to do to protect your heart heath?  According to recent studies, it could be as simple as making an appointment at least once per year to have your teeth professionally scaled and cleaned by an Austin dentist or dental hygienist.

Recent findings from researchers in Taiwan have shown that a professional teeth cleaning and scaling can reduce the growth of bacteria that causes inflammation that can lead to the development of heart disease or stroke.  Their new findings were presented this November in Orlando, Florida at the American Heart Associations (AHA’s) Scientific Sessions 2011.

According to researchers in Taiwan, a professional tooth scaling performed twice or more in two years can lower your risk of a heart attack by 24 percent, and your chance of a stroke by 13 percent.  This information was based on a seven-year study that followed over 51,000 adults who had the cleanings performed, and approximately the same amount of adults who had never had a professional cleaning.

It is important to note that other risk factors for cardiovascular disease including weight, smoking, and race were not taken into account during the studies.

At the same AHA’s conference, researchers in Sweden presented results from a study they performed on nearly 8000 adults who had either periodontal disease or gum disease (Gingivitis).  The researchers found that they could predict the risk for heart attacks, congestive heart failure, and strokes bases upon the different types of gum disease.

Further research concluded:

  • Participants who had fewer teeth in their mouth (21 teeth or less) had a 69 percent higher risk of a heart attack.
  • Participants with a higher number of deepened periodontal pockets (infection of the gum around the base of the tooth) had a 53 percent increased risk of heart attack compared to those with the fewer pockets.
  • Participants with a higher incident of bleeding gums were 2.1 times more at risk for a stroke than those who had the fewest incidents of bleeding gums.

All of the results from Sweden were adjusted based on age, gender, smoking and educational level.

In conclusion, having your teeth professionally cleaned and scaled at least once per year not only leads to healthier teeth and gums and a more radiant smile, but also can protect your cardiovascular health.  Make your appointment today with Austin Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Dan Matthews for your regular cleaning and examination.



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