Teeth Grinding: How to Treat It

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Many people grind their teeth during their sleep, or even during the day as a nervous tick, even though this is incredibly bad for your teeth. Extensive teeth grinding can lead to headaches, muscle pain in the face, sleeping bad and eventually oral damage. This is something that most of us wish to avoid. So, how can we stop grinding our teeth?

The mouth guard

A mouth guard will make it impossible to grind your teeth while you’re sleeping, but it’s also not the most comfortable option. You are 100% certain that this option will work and it’s a good option when nothing else seems to help. An Austin dentist like Dr. Dan Matthews can provide you with an oral appliance that will protect your teeth while you sleep.

Don’t chew on anything besides food

When you’re always chewing gum, or chewing your pencils then your teeth will get accustomed to this and your jaw will get used to constantly being clenched when this is the case teeth grinding is also more likely to happen. Thus, you should avoid chewing on chewing gum and just keep your mouth empty as much as possible.

Muscle relaxants

Some dentists might also be able to give you the option of taking muscle relaxants that will relax your muscles during the night, thus making it impossible to grind your teeth. Of course, you don’t want to do this if it is not absolutely necessary, as you are taking medication, but it can be a very helpful solution. You do have to keep in mind that this is probably not a permanent solution unless it’s absolutely the only thing that works.

Physical therapy

Your dentist can also send you to a physical therapist to work with you and learn you not to grind your teeth anymore, they can help relax your jaw muscles and thus preventing you from grinding your teeth. You could even receive a special exercise program for your mouth to learn how to relax your jaw so you no longer must grind your teeth. This might take some time to work but it’s a permanent solution that doesn’t require you to take any medication.

Are you a teeth grinder? Do you wake up in the morning with a painful jaw and a headache? Then it might be time to do something about it, as this isn’t very good for your teeth and mouth in general. It will also disturb your sleep if you don’t do anything about it while there are a lot of different treatments that might help you. Thus, it’s recommended you see your Austin dentist and find a solution for this problem.

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