Do Teeth Whitening Products Really Work?

DSC_0078We all like to look our best, and the increasing accessibility of cosmetic dentistry and its associated products is helping citizens across the globe to make the most of their appearance. Teeth whitening products provide a good example of this, as they can now be purchased over the counter in the U.S.and have become an accepted feature of oral health routines nationwide. 

This growing demand for teeth whitening products has of course had an impact on supply, with more and more brands offering an increasing range of goods for the consumer to choose from. While this may seem beneficial for customers, however, there are question marks as to whether all of these products deliver on their promise to deliver a beaming and long lasting smile.

A Perfect Smile: The Quest for White Teeth

The surging demand for teeth whitening products proves that consumers are more than willing to invest money in their quest for the perfect smile, but there are two main issues facing them in the current market. The first is that once a product becomes popular with consumers, a number of alternative options are manufactured by firms who want to gain a share of the market. So consumers are suddenly faced with a wider product range, and one that has most likely had its quality seriously compromised.

Secondary to this is the knowledge gap that exists among consumers when purchasing tooth whitening products. Although sold over the counter in pharmacies and stores nationwide, these products have been scientifically developed and therefore contain ingredients that the majority of laymen will have never heard of. So aside from being drawn to high quality packaging or a specific brand name, consumers often have little idea of what they should be looking for from their product choice.

Visit your Dentist for Whiter Teeth

While the majority of teeth whitening products are well crafted and deliver genuine results to consumers, the influx of new and less effective brands has certainly led to a decrease in overall quality. This has ensured that purchasing these goods has become something of a lottery, with many customers unsure as to whether they are purchasing a high quality product or the latest market fad.

If you are serious about achieving an ice white smile, however, then a cosmetic dentist remains the best and most effective option. Undergoing a cosmetic procedure to whiten your teeth guarantees high quality results, so that over the counter whitening products can then be used to maintain your smile over time. In fact, your dentist can even recommend the most efficient and reputable whitening product on the market, and help you to identify exactly what you should be looking for as a customer.

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