The Cavity Fighting Kiss

Photo by Seth Rader you know that kissing can actually help fight cavities? Not only that, but the ole’ smooch has a number of other surprising health benefits as well. Here’s a list of a few of the ways that kissing can actually improve your health, starting of course with cavities, which naturally is our personal favorite.

Kissing and Cavities

They don’t call it swapping spit for nothing. When you share a kiss, especially those longer more drawn out kisses, your mouth will instantly start secreting a much higher amount of saliva than normal. Human saliva is the body’s main mechanism for washing away the plaque that causes cavities. Also when someone is planning on doing a lot of kissing, they are more likely than not (if they’re considerate) to use things like mouth wash and toothpaste to freshen up their breath beforehand, which of course is going to go a long way to help those teeth.

Kissing and Blood Pressure

Kissing can help get your heart rate revved up to a healthy level, much in the same way that cardio does, which any doctor will tell you can do wonders for your blood pressure. It also helps promote better cardiovascular health and blood flow to the organs.

Kissing Burns Calories

What’s yet another benefit of raised heart rate and cardio? Calorie burning. While it may not be a solid half hour to 45 minutes of jogging or lifting at a gym, it can definitely help burn more calories than lounging on the couch.

Kissing and Hormonal Health

Kissing can have a huge effect on what chemicals your brain releases. Kissing activates a mass manufacture of chemicals in your body like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin, just to name a few. All of these chemicals have a long list of health benefits and all of them working together can greatly help to reduce stress. These chemicals can also help with metabolism and even your immune system. These chemicals in your system can actually help prevent the spreading of viruses not to mention the benefits to your mood, health and sleeping patterns overall.

Keep this in mind as well, people probably won’t be all that keen to kiss an unhealthy mouth so if you really want to reap the benefits of a good healthy lip-lock, get a checkup today with Dr. Matthews. A good cleaning could be just the thing to make the person you’re kissing much happier.

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