Tools in the Fight Against Tooth Decay: Can Coconut Oil Help to Protect your Oral Health?

Coconut Oil

We are fortunate to live in an age of scientific and medical enlightenment, as professionals throughout the world continue to empower us with information and increasingly sophisticated treatments. So for anyone who is burdened with serious illness and striving to make a full recovery in 2012, there remains room for genuine expectation rather than distant hope.

The benefits of this advancement have been especially prominent within the dental industry, as research and studies from the last decade have provided a fascinating insight into ailments such as gum disease and tooth decay. Having also made the connection between oral and general health, professionals within the dental industry have helped to emphasize the importance of attending regular oral check ups.

Fighting Tooth Decay: Can Coconut Oil Provide a Solution?

Most recently, researchers at the Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland reported that coconut oil has the potential to eliminate bacteria that is harmful to oral health. More specifically, their findings suggest that the substance, which serves as a natural antibiotic once digested, is able to destroy the specific bacteria that is known to cause tooth decay. This stands as a significant breakthrough in the quest to prevent long term tooth decay adults, and there are already calls for coconut oil to be incorporated into dental products.

Led by Dr. Damien Brady, the study was established to determine how effective the antibacterial qualities of coconut oil were in combating the Streptococcus bacteria. Stains of this bacteria are known to inhabit the human mouth, and over time they can cause significant tooth decay, so coconut oil was tested in a natural and semi-digested state. The findings were significant, as while undigested coconut oil was entirely ineffective in combating the bacteria, once digested the oil stopped almost all strains of Streptococcus bacteria from developing.

Regular visits to an Austin Dentist are still important

The efforts of dental professionals and researchers are key to improving long term oral health, and also raising the awareness levels of patients throughout the world. That said, it is the responsibility of each individual patient to maintain their own levels of oral health, by brushing consistent and arranging regular dental appointments with an Austin dentist like Dr. Dan Matthews.

So while innovation and scientific advances can empower you with the knowledge to enhance your oral care regime, this means little unless you are already committed to protecting your teeth from the omni-present risk of decay and gum disease. So start by scheduling a dental appointment with Dr. Matthews Austin dental office today, and take the first steps towards preserving the long term well being of your teeth.

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