Tools You Operate with Your Teeth

So you’re doing some home improvement and you’re using a small hand tool, and you think, “Wow, I really wish I could operate this with my mouth!” No? You never thought that? Well, apparently someone not only thought it but went out and built it.

A master’s project by a man names Cheng Guo, has produced the tool no one ever knew they wanted.

A Mouth Tool

It’s hard to describe in mere words. It has a strap and mount that sits on your head, (think: old-fashioned braces, with headgear). There is a jaw and mouthpiece consisting of two metal bars that wrap around your entire face leaving the mouth exposed. Then the machine is placed in your mouth. It’s again, very hard to describe. It’s got a certain form to it or at least some sense of functionality. If it wasn’t attached to someone’s face and sitting on a workbench (maybe sans the headgear) it wouldn’t be impossible to figure out that it was a tool.

There are multiple attachments like a drill and a wood lathe and it’s all operated by mouth motions like chewing or expressions. To be perfectly honest, it mostly resembles something right out of one of the “Saw” movies.


Would you use it?

One immediate problem that jumps out, however, is the lack of eye protection. One thing even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer knows is not to stick your face six inches away from a drill, most importantly, not without protective eyewear.

All that being said, it’s a work engineering genius in its own right. The idea was born when Mr. Guo started noticing how people use their mouths as tools for nail-biting, ripping and all sorts of other things that aren’t eating. He then worked on mechanizing these sort of mouth movements to operate various tools.

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