Top 5 Surprising Things That Are Bad For Your Teeth

photo by Stephan GeyerThere are plenty of things out there that are bad for your teeth. Most of them are the usual suspects. The list can range from the very obvious, such as a poor dental hygiene regimen, not visiting your dentist regularly, and sugary drinks and snacks, to the more surprising offenders that you may be using or doing every day. Here’s the top five most surprising things that can be hazardous to your dental health.

Bottled Water

This one is arguably one of the most surprising things on our list. People often think regular tap water isn’t nearly as good for us as bottled water. Thanks to some tricky marketing, this myth is responsible for a lot of damage and dental visits. If you only drink bottled water you are depriving yourself of fluoride, which is found in about 60% of American’s tap water. Fluoride has been repeatedly proven to be highly beneficial to dental health. So if you have fluoride in your tap water, start drinking more of it.


Surprisingly enough, when you diet, especially when you diet improperly, you deprive yourself of vitamins and minerals which can dramatically increase your chances of developing infections like periodontal disease. Dr. Matthews suggests the Ideal Protein diet to lose weight in a healthy way.

Sports Drinks

After a big workout, one of the first things we reach for in a sports drink. Again, good marketing has us believing that this wonder drink puts back all the vitamins, minerals and hydration we have burnt up during our exercise. However, you need to really look at the ingredients because sports drinks contain a lot of sugar and acids, which of course are horrible for our teeth.

Brushing Right After Eating

You probably have heard that we need to brush after every meal. Well, that’s true enough, but don’t take this advice so literally. If the food you just ate has a lot of acids, you run the risk of eroding your teeth if you brush right after your meal. It’s better to wait about an hour after you eat, and then brush. It’s much better to drink a large glass of water to rinse the acid from your mouth. Water is always a healthy choice as well.

So there you have it. Although these things are good for you, you need to be mindful of how they can be harming your teeth. Talk to Dr. Mathews the next time you have an appointment to find our more about what you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle, without doing more damage to your smile.

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