Why Transport Guidelines are Changing to Account for Sleep Apnea

Semi Truck While technological advancement and medical treatment has evolved significantly in recent times, this would mean little if it did not lead to change or improvement. It is our duty as citizens to react to new information and findings in a responsible manner, so that we may capitalize on the growing influence of technology to improve our physical and mental health.

As an example of this, the transportation guidelines in the U. S. are likely to be changed in the near future, with a number of school districts striving to test their bus drivers for the undetected symptoms of sleep apnea. As a growing medical concern in America, it has been the source of significant recent media coverage in recent times, and this has raised a considerable level of awareness among citizens nationwide.

Sleep Apnea: A Once Silent Threat to your Health

This increased awareness has forced many public bodies and individuals to react accordingly, and treat the condition as something that is prominent and potentially fatal. Just recently, Kentucky couple John and Wanda Lindsay hit the headlines after an automotive collision, which left the former dead and his partner suffering with severe injuries. Further investigation that the crash has been caused after a truck driver, who had recently been diagnosed with severe and uncontrolled sleep apnea, lost control of his vehicle and hit the Lindsay’s car head on.

After the truck drivers employers admitted liability for the accident, Miss. Lindsay has begun a campaign to raise further awareness about the dangers of sleep apnea and its potentially fatal consequences. These efforts and the high profile nature of her accident have prompted the proposed changes to transport guidelines in the U.S., while new standards from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration have also recommended that any public or commercial driver with a BMI (body mass index) of 35 or over should be forced to take a sleep apnea test.

Sleep Apnea: Get Tested for the Safety of Yourself and Others

The concept of testing for sleep apnea is a timely one, as it is no longer the silent or unheralded threat that it once was. As a sleep disorder that impacts heavily on the breathing patterns of sufferers, it has the potential to either limit the supply of oxygen to the brain or cause extreme tiredness that can cause a range of additional issues. This knowledge, when accompanied with an awareness of it’s potential impact if left untreated, has emerged at an ideal time to protect thousands of potentially unaware patients throughout the U.S..

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