A True Story about False Teeth and an Unlikely Millionaire

You’ve probably seen the exaggerated false teeth that feature a pronounced gumline and misaligned, discolored teeth. That novelty product, which made an unlikely millionaire of its creator, was inspired by a set of purposely poor dentures crafted by a dental student.

dentures photo
Photo by Kathy McGraw. The famed novelty teeth were modeled on traditional upper dentures, like this.

The Missing Link: Teeth

Mel magazine recently profiled Jonah White as part of its Unusual Millionaires Club series. White is the founder of Billy Bob Products (the plastic dentures themselves are branded as Billy Bob Teeth).

A promising collegiate running back unable to reach the NFL, White was at something of a crossroads in the early 1990s. He was a budding entrepreneur with no product to sell. At a visit to his alma mater, he encountered Rich Bailey, with whom White shared a mutual friend. Bailey wore a comical set of what White described to Mel magazine as removable, “nasty teeth.”

Bailey led White to the dental lab and showed him how to create dentures-like artificial teeth that slid over the natural upper teeth. White pawned everything he owned to produce the fake teeth.

False Teeth a Real Hit

The novelty item proved a big hit, first at fairs and then via retail. The company went on to create the lead character’s teeth for the Austin Powers movies, and it landed a licensing deal with Miley Cyrus, who often wore the teeth in character on her television show.

Of course, the demand for gag dentures only goes so far. White’s company has diversified to include a number of items, some of a novelty nature, others more practical. But it still makes Billy Bob Teeth.

When You Need Real Dentures

Modern dentures are much more advanced than the so-called “false teeth” of generations past, even those that inspired White’s novelty teeth. Today, there are multiple types of dentures, including traditional-style dentures that are anchored to remaining natural teeth, and the Denture Fountain of Youth®, also known as FOY Dentures®.

FOY Dentures® use an innovative, implant-based system that allows you to enjoy your favorite foods, fits comfortably, and looks like natural teeth. FOY Dentures® earned their name because they prevent jaw bone deterioration and support facial tissue.

Your teeth and jaw have a significant effect on the appearance of your face. When missing teeth are not replaced, the jaw bone progressively erodes and the remaining natural teeth slowly shift position. This can give the appearance of sunken cheeks, jowls and loose skin below the jaw. FOY Dentures® can make you look years younger, and they provide superior function and durability compared with standard dentures.

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