Why Healthy Teeth and a Healthy Mouth are so Important

teeth photoGoing to the dentist is not an activity that many people enjoy doing, and it isn’t cheap either. Thus, it makes sense that some people are inclined to stop going to the dentist altogether and sort of forfeit the health of their mouth and teeth. You might think that not going to the dentist doesn’t have a huge impact, since you’re still going to brush your teeth, but this is not enough by far. So why is having a healthy mouth so important?

A Healthy Mouth Saves Money
When you’re not brushing your teeth daily, or you’re skipping on dentist appointments because you think it’ll save money, then you have a big chance of losing money in the end. A regular visit to your Austin dentist isn’t free, but matters get really expensive when a big problem regarding your teeth would occur, requiring some expensive treatment or even surgery. You’re better off taking regular care of your teeth.

Reduce Chances of Getting Diseases
Having poor mouth health can increase your risk of getting a stroke. You have probably not considered it, but it’s really logical when you think about it. Bacteria that are present in your mouth will make its way into the bloodstream and can thus cause trouble over here. On top of this, poor mouth hygiene might even increase the risk of getting dementia. This correlates with the fact that gingivitis, swollen and bleeding gums, will make you perform worse on memory tests.

Better Self-Esteem
Having a bad breath and an unhealthy mouth will not make you feel very good about yourself, especially regarding speaking to other people. It’s better to do yourself a favor and take good care of your oral health so that you can talk to and kiss people with confidence. This will make social situations a lot more comfortable for you.

Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable
People with diabetes are smart to keep their oral health in good condition. When you keep your mouth healthy then the little number of bacteria will also help to keep your blood sugar in check. This works the other way around as well though, when you have diabetes it’s harder to keep your oral health good.

Visiting an Austin dentist every now and then on top of daily brushing and flossing is a small effort in comparison to all the benefits it delivers. Thus, I would highly recommend you to visit our contact page and schedule your next visit to Dr. Matthews today.

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