Why Use a Sonic Toothbrush?

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Most people today are still making use of standard tooth brushes, with the belief that they are getting their teeth more than clean enough with proper brushing technique. The truth is, they’re missing far more plaque than they realize, and they’re teeth are paying the price for this. There are plenty of advanced tooth brush options on the market today, but one of the best investments that you can make for the health of your teeth and your gums, is a sonic toothbrush. This powerful tool will enable you to clean your teeth more quickly and more effectively, and it’s something that you can benefit from for years after your initial purchase.

What is a Sonic Toothbrush?

A sonic toothbrush is a special electric brush that vibrates with more than 28,000 brush strokes per minute. This is much more than what you can accomplish with a traditional brush, and it gives you more effective cleaning power overall. There are many different sonic toothbrushes on the market today, but some are rated as being more effective than others. That’s why it’s so important to look at reviews, and to pick out a toothbrush that’s shown to perform well. Phillips is a well-known brand producing a huge line of Sonicare toothbrush products that come with high ratings, but there are others to look for as well. Just make sure that you purchase one with quality ratings that’s been tested by actual dental professionals so you know you’re getting something effective.

Why is Cleaning with a Sonic Toothbrush Better?

Cleaning with a sonic toothbrush is an incredibly effective way to scrub plaque off your teeth and from in-between your teeth because of how these high-speed brushes work. The head moves so quickly that it actually generates bubbles when you place it near the surface of your teeth. These bubbles work really well for loosening up plaque so that you can rinse it out of your mouth and leave your teeth cleaner and your gums healthier. The bubbles are really important for clean teeth because they can get into the spaces in-between your teeth as well to loosen up hard-to-reach plaque. Tests showed that the head of a sonic tooth brush could be as far as 4 millimeters away from the surface of your teeth while still producing cleaning bubbles. That means that when the brush is lightly touching the surface of your teeth, it will generate bubbles in between your teeth and down in parts of your mouth that the bristles themselves can’t reach. This isn’t something that you can accomplish with a traditional toothbrush, no matter how long you brush your teeth with one.

Getting the Most for Your Money

If you’re interested in getting the best clean for your money, look long and hard for a high-rated sonic toothbrush, and then supplement it with affordable replacement heads. The quality of the toothbrush itself will determine whether you have enough speed and power to clean your teeth well, and most replacement brush heads will work well when paired with a quality toothbrush. Invest in that top-rated brush and you’ll enjoy cleaner teeth, less plaque and a healthier mouth overall. For a long-term investment a sonic toothbrush is an excellent overall value.

While it’s possible to clean your teeth properly with a high-quality standard tooth brush, you won’t get the same level of clean as you can accomplish with a sonic toothbrush. Invest in this higher quality product and you’ll enjoy cleaner teeth, healthier gums and less dental problems in the future, as long as you brush daily and you use the brush properly every time.

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