Woman Rips Teeth Out of Ex’s Mouth: How Scary Dental Stories Promote Fear of the Dentist

1005061652-03.jpgAt some point in almost everyone’s life, we feel terrible fear of visiting the dentist. This fear may stem from fear of the unknown, or might be the product of a bad dental experience. Stories about botched dental visits and crazy dentists, such as the recent story about a dentist and her ex-boyfriend, do not help matters.

This particular dental story, originally released by Simon Tomlinson in the Daily Mail in the UK, investigated Polish dentist Anna Mackowiak, who had allegedly pulled all of her ex-boyfriend’s teeth out shortly after their breakup. Marek Olszewski, the ex-boyfriend, had decided to visit Mackowiak for treatment of a toothache only days after he had left her for someone else.

As the story goes, Mackowiak put her ex under heavy sedation, thought about what a terrible person he was, and proceeded to rip his teeth out one by one. When he finally came to, Mackowiak had told him there had been a complication with the procedure and he would need to see a specialist. It has been said that Mackowiak is now facing a three year prison sentence for the assault.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

A week after this frightening dental story was published, it was determined that the story was a hoax. The Polish Police had come out, saying that they are not investigating a case like this, and a legal advisor for Poland’s Chamber of Physicians and Dentists explained that, not only are they not investigating such a case, but there is no record of Anna Mackowiak in their database as a registered dentist. When confronted with this information, Simon Tomlinson of the Daily Mail could not recall where he had gotten the story originally.

Unless you have asked for a toothless smile, it is impossible for a dentist to pull out your teeth without your knowledge. When preparing for a procedure, dentists are only equipped to use a conscious sedative, allowing the patients to remain awake during their cosmetic procedure. Dentists do not have the means to heavily sedate their patients, further negating the story.

Stories such as this tend to further the anxieties and fears of those who are in need of a dental procedure. This fear can keep people from ever visiting their dentist again, which can be extremely dangerous for both their oral health and the health of their bodies.

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