Causes of Yellow Teeth

Mr. Yellow TeethA great smile is often the ticket to your first impression. However, if your pearly whites are more like pastel yellow, your self-image is probably suffering. There are a number of reasons why teeth attract surface stains, and your coffee addiction is just one of them. Ditching the tea, soda and cigarette habit will definitely help, but there’s more you can do.

Seemingly unrelated diseases and medications might be the problem. Infections during pregnancy and radiation treatments can lead to tooth discoloration. Some antibiotics also dull your mega-watt smile. Check with your doctor if you’re undergoing treatment or have been prescribed new medication.

Some Things Can’t be Helped

Everyone has a natural “whitest white” to their teeth. This is determined by genetics, and you can blame your parents for this one. However, teeth also naturally yellow as you age because the enamel wears away. The enamel is the whitest part of your teeth, and the underlying dentin is a yellow hue.

Trauma can also cause discoloration. If your teeth have sustained a nasty shock, there’s a chance your smile might suffer. Similarly, if you’re consuming an excess of fluoride—such as in tap water—this can also cause yellowing of teeth.

What Can You Do About Yellow Teeth?

Fortunately, many advances have been made in the world of cosmetic dentistry. Many at-home tricks don’t work for everyone. There’s only so much whitening strips and baking soda can accomplish. The best results are only available via a professional.

Dr. Matthews works with patients to achieve the whitest smile possible. Every smile is different, and Dr. Matthews creates an individualized plan to achieve optimal teeth whitening results. Painless, quick and affordable procedures can get you on the fast track to putting your best face forward.

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