Younger People Seeking Dentures to Land Jobs: A GrowingTrend

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We all know that there are certain aesthetics that may hinder us from getting jobs. For instance, visible tattoos, facial piercings, and unnatural hair-color have been denounced as no-nos in many job markets. However, did you know your teeth can have a similar impact on whether or not you land a job? This may seem pretty unfair, but it’s usually an issue of psychology rather than intended bias.

Appearance plays a huge role in whether or not you get a job that you apply for, and unfortunately, missing teeth can carry numerous negative connotations with them. They say that first impressions are everything and, in this case, there is no exception. Instead of reflecting upon the healthcare system and the fact that appropriate dental insurance is sometimes hard to come by, employers are more likely to make snap judgments.

How Americans View Teeth

In a study devised by the Kelton Research Group, “Americans perceive those with straight teeth to be 45% more likely than those with crooked teeth to get a job when competing with someone who has a similar skill set and experience.” While this study touches upon the straight versus crooked teeth binary, it’s still pretty reflective of how Americans view teeth. It’s also fair to guess that even those with crooked are more likely to fair well than those who are missing teeth.

Another way in which your teeth may impact your chances for a job is in the manifestation of confidence or a lack thereof. Typically, people who are uncomfortable with their teeth smile less because they do not feel confident in their smile. That lack of confidence may be extended to the entirety of your being. That is, if you’re not confident in your smile, you’re probably less confident overall than other competitors for a job. Hiring managers look for confidence in job candidates because they feel you’re more likely to be a go-getter,

Dentures for Success

Today, more and more working adults and teenagers are seeking out dentures to remedy their lack of confidence and missing teeth. According to USA Today, “nearly one in five working-age adults in some Southern and Appalachian states have lost at least [6] teeth.” This has led them to seek out dentures so they can land jobs in areas such as retail and other parts of the service industry. Dentures are no longer for the elderly anymore. They have become a tool for success.

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